Houses different: the craziest properties around the world

Meet the houses found so creative!

If rent per season is already very practical and fun, ever imagined living in one of these houses somewhat different? Parted some fairly innovative, creative and located in different corners of the world!

1- The first is an underground home called "eco-friendlyTeletubbies house." Ecologically sustainable, it minimizes energy consumption and has a design that is similar to the petals of the Teletubbies house. Beautiful, functional and attractive, belongs to former Manchester United captain, Gary Neville who waited over a year to get approval of the Board of Bolton, UK (the place where the property is located) to build it.


2 - The name given to this house is Malator House and was built in the UK using land as a natural support for your walls. She is a fantastic piece of modern architecture. Being below the lawn, she is also known as the home of the Teletubbies.


3 - House carved in a mountain cave Missouri, United States. For decades it was used as a mine. After he became a concert venue, and finally became a dwelling.


4 - Built in Africa, then this is for football fans! It is the work of a Dutch architect who is passionate about football and always wanted to live in Africa!


5 - This house called "Barrel House" has two floors and is located in the United States. Its main floor is for the living area and the top is a room, the kitchen serves smaller barrel and are connected by a pantry.


6 - For music lovers, this home located in China has a format of piano and violin design with a super creative! She is one of the tourist attractions in the country.


7 -

The building shaped toilet was built in South Korea by Sim Jae-Duck, president of the World Toilet Association, whose mission is to provide sanitary facilities to two billion people who have no toilet at home. Aside from the unusual, the house has another outstanding feature. His name is Haewoojae which in Korean means serene place where concerns can be resolved. Curious, no?


8 - The house is called "The Crooked House" (a crooked house) and is located in Poland. Its design was inspired by images and paintings of Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg.


9 - This mountain home is located in the middle of the Swiss Alps and was designed by architect Christian Müller in a way that completely eliminates the need for cooling in summer and heating in winter. Also, do not block the view of other beautiful mountains of the Alps.


10 - Ecologically sustainable, this property uses natural light and heat, and is located in the desert in Greece. It uses natural light and heat and is almost camouflaged unnoticed by tourists.


11 - This property is located in Switzerland and consists of 9 houses that are connected by stairs. He uses the soil as efficient insulation to protect from rain, extreme temperatures, wind and wear.


12 - Shoe-shaped, this home is located in South Africa was made by the artist and hotelier Ron Van Zyl for his wife.


13 - The stone house, which resembles the home of the cartoon The Flintstones, located in Portugal.


14 - The "Crazy House" was designed in 1990 in Vietnam and became an attraction in the country. Initially, its format was to be like a tree, but was gaining more formats with sculptures of animals getting look a little scary.


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